Cool Stuff

I just finished another round of supervising student teachers in inner city Winnipeg schools. I get to see and hear about some cool stuff on my visits. Like …………………

  • grade sixes designing habitats for imaginary animals
  • grade sevens decorating ancient Greek vases with mythological characters
  • grade eights using graham crackers and Kool Whip to demonstrate all the different ways the earth’s tectonic plates move
  •  grade ones smelling lots of different containers and trying to figure out what’s inside
  • grade fives touching and feeling real animal furs and deciding what they may have been traded for at a Hudsons Bay Trading Postfriendship-poster
  • a teacher reading a bunch of modern fairy tales that encourage children not to blindly accept stereotypical gender roles but to be respectful of individual expression.
  • a physed teacher who collects used and new skates in his office so every kid in the school gets to go the rink
  •  grade twos designing and building houses for the three little pigs that the wolf can’t blow down
  • grade threes measuring objects with the footprints of a giantbe-what-bulleting-board
  • kids writing and illustrating their own fairy tales
  • kids who didn’t get breakfast at home being fed at school
  • a whole class making puppets, writing puppet plays and performing puppet plays
  • physed classes playing aboriginal gamesnarwhale-bulleting-board
  • a teacher making hot chocolate for the school patrols on a really cold day
  • small groups of students learning math games with playing cards
  • forty one kids in a school getting free glasses after optometrists volunteered to test the eyes of students the teachers were worried might have vision problems
  • junior highs playing this absolutely cool electronic learning game called Plinkers

I will miss my school visits and look forward to the the next round in spring. 

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