Books for Advent- Christmas Question #7

basket of children's christmas booksI have a large collection of children’s Christmas books which I began to buy when I started teaching kindergarten in 1974.  By the time my first son was born in 1979 my collection was quite substantial and having children of my own was inspiration to grow my collection even more. Those books figure in my answer to question 7 in my ongoing series of Christmas questions.  “What is an advent tradition in your family?”

Every year at the beginning of December I would fill up a large basket with my Christmas books and place it under our diningroom table.  Each night we would light the appropriate number of candles on our advent wreath and then one of my sons could crawl under the table and pick a book from the Christmas collection for us to read. Of course sometimes we had to read two because my collection was so big by the time my second son came along that we could never have read all the books by Christmas if we had just read one a night.  The next day I would take the book I had read to my sons to school with me to read to my students. I still have many of my Christmas books although I stopped adding to my collection when my sons were grown and I moved to teaching highschool.  

One of the Christmas books my grandsons got this year.

One of the Christmas books my grandsons got this year.

Since I became a grandmother I send off a couple Christmas books to Saskatoon to my grandchildren every December 1 so they can build a Christmas book collection of their own for advent reading. 

christmas-booksI still get my books out every December and they are sitting in baskets now waiting for my grandsons to arrive for Christmas. 

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  1. Carie

    I do this too!


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