Beer and Pretzels

dave by christmas tree in Germany“We spent Christmas Day in 2010 in Bamberg Germany.” That’s how I would answer the question “Did you ever celebrate Christmas in another place?” our-german-cruise-shipBamberg was one of the stops on a holiday river cruise. angel-in-snowFor the first time in eight years they had snow in Bamberg for Christmas and it turned the city into a beautiful place. dave-bambergWe spent hours walking through the cobblestone streets. beer-and-pretzelsTwo highlights were stopping at one of Bamberg’s nine breweries to sample three kinds of beer and eat huge salty pretzels just out of the oven. bambergAs it grew dark we stood outside the huge Catholic Church to listen to the bells ringing carols through the cold air. catheral-in-bamberg-germanyOn board our ship that night our Christmas dinner ended with the waiters turning off all the lights in the dining room and then parading to our table with trays of flaming Baked Alaska.

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