My Mother Said………

My mother had a few phrases that you could count on hearing regularly from her.  I just finished my annual clean up ritual going through every nook and cranny of our condo to sort, discard and organize.  moms-sayingsIn doing so I found these papers I believe my brother had printed up for a  humorous presentation we did for one of our Mom’s birthday parties. o-pifillI absolutely NEVER heard my mother swear or say a bad word, but when she was really frustrated or upset she’d say Oh Piffle! in a exasperated or irritated tone. best-part-of-the-dayThis was said to children and grandchildren who were sleeping in, particularly at the family cottage or could be said at any time of day if you were inside reading as I often was, instead of being outside enjoying nature. Mother would say, “MaryLou. Get your nose out of that book. You’re missing the best part of the day.”back-of-my-handMy mother was the navigator on family trips and truth be told we sometimes got lost. The map however always remained firmly in Mom’s hands while my Dad drove. If he or one of us kids would question the directions Mom was providing she would say briskly, “I know this map like the back of my hand.” other-peopleThis was said if we were feeling sorry for ourselves.  Mom’s solution for depression or self-pity was to get out there and do something for someone else.  It was advice she followed.just-thinking-of-youMom said this whenever we called her or dropped in to visit her.  She was evidently always thinking about all of us, which I think was probably true right up till the last minute of her life. 

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