Christmas Question #2- Chili Soup

What is a traditional food served in your family at Christmas?  That’s the second question I pulled from my bag of Christmas conversation starters.

Christmas with my cousins and my grandmother who made chili soup

Christmas in Drake Saskatchewan in the mid 1950s with my cousins and my maternal grandmother, Annie Jantz Schmidt who made chili soup for Christmas

My maternal grandmother made chili soup for supper on Christmas Day. The noon meal was turkey with all the trimmings. The afternoon was spent playing games, doing puzzles, opening gifts and visiting. Then just before it was time for everyone to go home the chili soup came out often accompanied by Grandma’s homemade buns.

Celebrating Christmas with Mom's family in Saskatchewan

Celebrating Christmas with Mom’s family in Saskatchewan 1960s

My Mom says when she was a child her mother’s chili soup was the perfect way to warm up all their relatives before they began the chilly ride home in their horse drawn sleighs. Grandma’s chili soup recipe was in a cookbook she gave me when I got married. I still make her chili soup and not only on Christmas Day. It’s delicious anytime.

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