Gunn’s Bakery

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I often walk by Gunn’s Bakery on Selkirk Avenue on my way to work at the Thrift Store. It’s hard not to stop in to get some pumpernickel bread or crusty rolls. Gunn’s is a Winnipeg landmark founded in 1937 by Florence and Morris Gunn, the couple featured in this mural on the building beside Gunn’s Bakery. Morris,whose father was a baker, immigrated to Canada from Poland in 1926 and worked hard in a Winnipeg bakery to save enough money so in 1930 he could bring his fiancée Florence to Canada and they could get married.  The couple had three children and eventually gathered enough resources to open their own bakery at 247 Selkirk Avenue . At first they lived in the back of the bakery, but as their business and their family grew they had to buy a separate home. Gunn’s Bakery is still at 247 Selkirk and now…

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