Things That Were a Balm to My Soul Yesterday

autumn colors in Winnipeg's Exchange DistrictThe lady in a sari I sat beside on the bus. We smiled at each other and chatted pleasantly about the beautiful weather we are having. 

Having lunch with a student of mine who is passionate about being a role model and making a difference in the suburban school where she has been placed as a student teacher.  She is the only non-Caucasian in her classroom and staffroom. 

All the amazing unique work by talented Inuit artists I studied at the gallery as I prepared for an upcoming tour.

The Facebook post of an American friend who reported that after crying with a vengeance while Hillary made her concession speech she took her daughter to the art gallery so they could sit quietly in front of a Jackson Pollock painting together.

My American colleague who told me she is very happy to be taking her Canadian citizenship test today.

The toddler of African descent and the toddler of Chinese descent I watched playing together in the waiting room before my doctor’s appointment.

My American cousin who posted on Facebook what a sad day this was for her country. 

My conversation with my physician. She is from the Middle East and her family has lived under regimes much more oppressive than anything Americans might institute.

The elementary school teacher I know who posted on Instagram that she was reading her six-year olds the book It’s Okay To Be Different by Todd Parr.

I want to make a point of noticing things like this every day so I can be more hopeful about our future. 

A Little Light



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