Something Simple

Here is another one of my recently published Rejoice reflections. 

If the prophet had commanded you to do something difficult, would you not have done it? —2 Kings 5:13

Every Saturday our city newspaper features letters from people blessed by random deeds of kindness. I’ve thought of writing a letter to the newspaper a number of times. I once had a lost camera full of family photos mailed back to me by an honest hotel employee. When I needed my passport renewed quickly, a compassionate government bureaucrat processed it in just a few hours. On a day when temperatures hit minus forty, the locks on my car froze. A resourceful auto dealer helped de-ice them. Being the recipient of these simple acts of kindness meant the world to me each time.

Image by Eric de Sausssur Eric de Saussure

Image by Eric de Sausssur

 In 2 Kings 5 Naaman can’t believe it when Elisha sends a message to tell him that washing in the Jordan River will heal his leprosy. After all Naaman is a mighty warrior who is one of his king’s most favored men. Surely the cure for his leprosy will lie in the completion of some difficult task or at the very least Elisha will appear and wave his hands over Naaman’s afflicted skin. But there will be no grand gestures. Naaman’s life is changed because of advice from a young captive slave girl in his household who shows concern for him, and a few simple instructions from a foreign prophet willing to help him.

       On a day when we feel in need of healing, it may not be a grand or miraculous intervention that turns things around. It could be a simple act of kindness.

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