Finding An Old Friend

home-to-bragg-island“I know that painting,” I said in surprise as I walked down the stairs at The Rooms museum in St. John’s Newfoundland.  “It’s Home From Bragg’s Island,”  I said to my husband.  

In 2013 the Winnipeg Art Gallery celebrated its 100 birthday by hosting an exhibit called  100 Masters.  As a guide in the education department of the gallery I gave countless tours of that exhibit and got to know the pieces in it very well.  One of them was Newfoundland artist David Blackwood’s painting Home From Bragg’s Island. Seeing it again in St. John’s was like seeing an old friend. 

black-well-home-to-bragg-islandThis isn’t the first time this has happened to me. Since the art for 100 Masters was drawn from galleries all over Canada and some in the United States, it isn’t surprising that if you visit art galleries in other North American cities you have a chance of seeing some paintings from the 100 Masters. 

I look forward to finding more old friends on my future travels. 

Finding an Old Friend in Quebec City

Kirchner at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Rooms

Thanks to the 100 Masters


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