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yangchanosarusOur older grandson loves dinosaurs. He knows their names. He draws them. He reads books about them and when he started school this fall we bought him a dinosaur lunch kit. His fourth birthday party included dinosaur party hats, dinosaur paw print cookies, a treasure hunt for dinosaur party favors in a museum filled with dinosaur replicas and fossils, and a cake with a dinosaur and a volcano on it made and decorated by his creative mother. dinosaur hats

A couple of years ago my cousin Lynne even made dinosaur hats and scarves for us and our grandson for Christmas.

seeing-dinosaursSo when we visited the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo recently my husband Dave suggested we take some photos and make some videos to share our experience with our grandson.

chuanosaurusSince we used to live in China we photographed the Yangchuanosaurus, a dinosaur that  lived in China in the late Jurassic period. screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-6-01-04-pm

If you click on the picture of Grandma she will act like the Spinosaurus. touching-a-dinosaur

Grandpa isn’t sure if he should touch this Dyoplosaurus.grandpa waving at dinosaurIf you click on this picture of Grandpa you can see him waving at the Carnotaurus. dinosaur-exhibit-winnipeg-zoo

 Uncle Paul and Aunt Shirley check out the Quetzalcoatlus.

mojoceratopsThe Mojoceratops used to roam the prairie here in Manitoba where we live and in Saskatchewan where our grandson lives. t-rexClick on the Tyrannosaurus Rex to see Grandpa trying to scare him. 

The Dinosaur Alive exhibit at Assiniboine Park was fun but it would have been even more fun with our grandson. 

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