Dolly Patron or Parton?

Can you believe they made a typo on the tickets for the Dolly Parton concert last night?  Yes our tickets stated we were going to the Dolly Patron Show.  

dolly-parton-ticketDolly Parton certainly served her concert patrons well putting on a terrific concert! At age 70 she strides across the stage in incredibly high heels, sings her heart out for a couple of hours, and provides a great evening of entertainment. She played the alto sax, the piano, the recorder, the dulcimer, the banjo, the guitar, the fiddle, the autoharp and the harmonica during her show. She sang a bunch of songs that other people made famous, but she was the one who wrote them.  


Enjoying the concert with three great friends.

Best of all she is a great story-teller and during the concert she told us the story of her life in such a humourous and personal way. She is warm and had a way of reaching out to people in the audience that made them feel special.  

Dolly told us about her Imagination Foundation which helps provide free books to pre-schoolers. I had heard about this initiative of Dolly’s, but didn’t know till I attended the concert that she was inspired to create it because her own father never had a chance to learn to read and write. 

Dolly Parton is a talented and caring person. I’m glad I was a patron at the Dolly Parton concert. 

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  1. Marie

    Good Article, Marylou.


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