I Slept Right Through It!

bannatyne avenueThere was a confrontation with the police  right in front of my condo building on Friday night. According to a CBC news report a crowd had gathered. Someone got hurt and the police were called.   When they arrived on the scene  certain crowd members became aggressive and in an ensuing tussle one police officer had his taser gun stolen. According to the Winnipeg Free Press the whole thing happened at around 2:30 in the morning. 

My husband Dave was in Minnesota on a golf trip. He called me on Saturday wondering what I’d seen and heard the night before.  He’d read about the disturbance in the online version of the Winnipeg Free Press. I hadn’ t read the paper yet so I wasn’t even aware of what had happened. I had slept right through the incident. Didn’t hear a thing!  We got new windows in our condo building this past year and they just block out all the noise from the street. 

bannatyne ariel viewPeople have asked me if incidents like the one on Friday night in the Exchange District don’t scare me, but actually they don’t.  Our building is locked in the evening and on the weekends a security guard is on duty all through the night. I don’t make it a practice to go for strolls at 2 in the morning and by the time I went to the gym  at 9am on Saturday the streets were as calm and peaceful as always.  

People like to say the downtown isn’t safe but then neither are other areas of the city.  Just last Wednesday night 35 homes and garages in the Elmwood area experienced break ins. According to the Winnipeg Free Press some items were stolen from rooms inside homes just steps away from where the residents were sleeping.  Now that’s scary!

Even rural areas aren’t immune. At the end of July Steinbach online reported a rash of break ins and thefts in the city.  Apparently its an almost daily occurrence there. 

These incidents in different urban areas make me think about………

What happens to people that makes them want to harm police officers who have just come to help them?

Why do people steal? Do they need money to fuel addictions, are they out of work, do they feel it is unfair that others have wealth and they do not, or have they never been taught stealing is wrong? 

I know there aren’t easy answers to these questions. I choose not to feel scared about living where I do because there is no place that is immune to danger and when I look at the dangerous places in the world where so many people live, often not through their own choice, I know I am utterly blessed. 

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