Golf Widow at the Movies

Dave is gone on a four-day golfing trip to Minnesota. Without my personal social planner I’ve had to strike out independently and arrange my own entertainment.  I’ve had coffee dates and gone to dinner with friends, had lunch with my Dad, and I’ve seen two movies based on novels.  I had read The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman but not Indignation by Philip Roth. Stedman’s novel, which I really enjoyed, was very faithfully reproduced on the screen. After seeing Indignation I’m thinking I should probably read the novel to digest and think about all the lengthy conversations in the film. 

The_Light_Between_Oceans_posterBoth movies are tragedies and  beautifully filmed time period pieces. The seascapes in The Light Between Oceans are stunning and the costumes in Indignation are perfection for the fifties. War plays a role in both movies.  The male protagonist Marcus of Indignation ends up serving in the Korean War. The male protagonist Tom in The Light Between Oceans has just returned from service in World War I and his wife Isabel has lost both her brothers in the war. 

indignationIn Indignation Marcus is warned by his father that ‘mistakes have consequences’ and that is certainly the case for Tom and Isabel in The Light Between Oceans.  Their mistake causes tragedy for so many people. 

Both movies were engaging and thought-provoking and I’m glad I saw them, but neither are the kind of film to attend if you are looking to lift your spirits.  I guess I will have to wait for Dave to get home to do that for me. 

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2 responses to “Golf Widow at the Movies

  1. marie

    Bill & I watched Light between Oceans, both having read the book! I agree with your comments!! The ocean scenes were outstanding!! The story tragic!


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