A World of Faith

John Hull a British religious educator says,

“Religion is a major source of conflict in our world. People won’t be at peace till religions are at peace. It must be part of every child’s education that they learn to respect other religions and understand them.”


A World of Faith by Peggy Fletcher Stack is one resource for inter-faith education I can recommend. The book explains in “kid-friendly” language the principles of twenty-eight different religious groups. It introduces children to the founders of each faith and tells them about the practices and rituals of that particular spiritual tradition.

Even more enlightening than its words are the illustrations by Kathleen Peterson. She has created a collage of colourful images that bring to life the important aspects of each faith group. All the pictures have interesting borders which detail symbols central to the religion described on the page.

This is an excellent book for parents to read with their children and use as a starting point for discussion about how other faiths are similar and different from their own. I have placed a copy in our church library.

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