You Never Say Good-Bye

I have a friend who is spending this week helping to move her mother into a nursing home. She understands it’s the best thing for her mother but she told me it makes her very sad  because she knows it means her Mom is one step closer to the end of her life and she is one step closer to saying a final good-bye to her.

Last week I was visiting with another friend whose mother died several decades ago and she told me that even now never a day goes by that she doesn’t think about her Mom. The same thing would be true for me.

dorothy marie peters 1Sometimes I think of my Mom when I need someone with a listening ear or I need some affirmation.  Mom was a great listener and encourager and unabashedly proud of her children and grandchildren.  Sometimes I think of her when something exciting happens in our family I know she’d love to hear about. I have photos of her at different spots in my house and when I look at them, I think of her. Sometimes I think of Mom when a certain action of one of my siblings or my children or my grandchildren makes me say, “they must have inherited that from my Mom.” 

I think of her sometimes too when I am deciding how to act or what to say in a certain situation and I reflect on what my Mom would have done and said under similar circumstances.  

I don’t think I’ve really said a final good-bye to my mother because her positive influence and love in my life continues.

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