Engagement Memories

I just read in the Winnipeg Free Press that Ben Moss Jewelers is going out of business. That announcement reminded me of a Saturday morning in the spring of 1973. I was sitting in a college classroom with my boyfriend Dave preparing for our upcoming exams. We were listening to the radio as we studied and an announcer came on advertising a two for one sale on wedding bands at Ben Moss Jewellers.

“That’s too good a deal to pass up,” said Dave. “Let’s go.” So with that romantic proposal ringing in my ears we set off for Ben Moss Jewelers on a city bus. We bought two simple gold wedding bands for around sixty dollars and forty-three years later I’m still wearing mine. Dave took his ring off a few weeks after we got married because the band interfered with his grip on the baseball bat. That wedding ring has been sitting in an old jewelry box of mine ever since. Luckily I married the kind of guy who doesn’t need a ring on his finger to remind him to be faithful to his partner . 

The Winnipeg Free Press reported that Ben Moss Jewelers  is having a huge going out of business sale. So if there is anyone out there who is looking for a way to segue into a marriage proposal with their sweetie this might be your answer. It worked for my husband!

We stopped at one of those photo booths on our way back to our college dorm to take this engagement photo.

We stopped at a photo booth in the Winnipeg bus station after buying our rings and took this engagement photo.

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2 responses to “Engagement Memories

  1. Ruth Tiessen

    Such a cute story!


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