I Don’t Like Murder Mysteries But….

Murder mysteries aren’t my favourite. But after hearing the CBC’s Wendy Mesley interview her friend, the famous and fascinating Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny I decided to give the murder mystery genre another chance.

still life louise pennyI went to the library to find Louise’s first book Still Life. In testament to its popularity there was a long waiting list for the novel at the library. So I bought it instead. It had intriguing characters, a very likeable hero Inspector Gamache, and a Canadian setting poetically described. The murder victim was an artist who’d left clues to her killer’s identity in her paintings. For someone who works at an art gallery like I do, this was ideal.

louise penny public domain free useLouise Penny is an excellent writer but her novel didn’t change my mind about loving murder mysteries. If however they are your cup of tea try one of Louise’s dozen or so novels. And be sure to listen to her interview with Wendy Mesley online to learn more about this journalist turned novelist who is caring for a husband with early onset dementia. I also follow Louise on Facebook because she has some interesting posts. 

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