What Are People Saying?

Marching in the Pride Parade in Steinbach. Photo credit- Grant Burr

Marching in the Pride Parade in Steinbach. Photo credit- Grant Burr

My most popular blog post in the last few months was definitely the one called Pride In Steinbach Isn’t Something New.  It set a record for views and was shared many times.  A reader who served with me on a curriculum development committee said it provided an important counter balance to much of the media coverage of the Pride Parade. 

bully pixabay imageA fellow Winnipeg church member commented on my blog post about bullies by saying,

“Then there are our politicians. Ever listen to Question Period? The blatant bullying in the House and in the Legislature is so lamentable. Certainly not good role model material.”

A former teaching colleague from Hong Kong read my post about deciding whether to unfriend people on Facebook I disagree with and said…”I’ve gone through much the same thought process, and came to the same conclusion – as a teacher, I can’t in good conscience encourage my students to respectfully consider diverse points of view while deleting everyone in my FB feed who I disagree with! That being said, I don’t have much patience with those who make personal attacks or express things in a disrespectful or hateful way.”

461px-President_Barack_Obama,_2012_portrait_cropWhen I blogged about President Obama’s speech to the Canadian Parliament a member of my writer’s group said she hoped Obama’s kind of sanity would prevail in our world.

gender neutral bathroomWhen I wrote about my first experience using gender neutral bathrooms a fellow member of the Manitoba Writer’s Guild commented that her partner reminded her that in the 1960s, when Judy LaMarsh became one of the first women to serve as a cabinet minister in the Canadian Parliament, she had to use the men’s washrooms because there were no women’s washrooms convenient to the House of Commons.

dave and marylou tractorWhen Maggie a member of our church in Hong Kong read my post Rural Roots she thanked me for giving her a glimpse into our family’s history.unmade bed pixabay image

When I posted about not making my bed a colleague from the Winnipeg Art Gallery teased me by calling me a godless hippie and a baseball team-mate of my husband’s said he had only made his bed once in forty-four years of marriage and hadn’t been struck by lightning yet. 

dadOne of my most viewed posts in the last couple months was the one I wrote about the death of Dave’s father.  We received messages of condolence from so many people and quite a number commented that this youthful photo of Dad reminded them of my husband or one of my sons. 

valdyWhen I posted about attending the Valdy concert at the West End Cultural Centre a highschool classmate responded he had often shared a morning coffee shop with Valdy when he lived on Salt Spring Island. 

morning index art gallery torontoI’ve had lots of interest and requests for more information about the bed and breakfast we stayed at in Toronto after posting about it.  Seems like lots of my readers are interested in staying there too. 

Guardian Angel- 1900 German postcard

A former teaching colleague from Steinbach shared three personal memories that my blog post Fourteen Angels elicited for her. 

aunt vi autograph bookThe blog post about my aunt’s autograph book prompted many comments from people who also had autograph books tucked away somewhere. 

Thanks everyone for reading my blog.  I so appreciate your interest and response.  Have a great long weekend!

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