Another Fringe Trio

I’ve seen another three plays at the Fringe all of them excellent! One made me cry. One made me laugh and one left me puzzled. 

Ingrid Garner has adapted an autobiography written by her grandmother, an American teenager trapped in Berlin during World War II.  It is a powerful and emotional story staged with appropriate slides in the background, complimentary sound effects and an emotional performance by Ingrid.  Just a warning. Ingrid speaks very quickly so you have to be focused and attentive to catch everything, but the story is riveting enough to make that pretty easy. I attended with a friend whose aunt survived the horrors of  war-torn Berlin during her teenage years and my friend found the play very poignant.  I can whole heartedly recommend it.promise and promiscuity Penny Ashton is very funny and very talented as she plays a whole host of characters in her unique Jane Austen story Promise and Promiscuity.  It contains many lines from Jane’s well- known works.

Penny Ashton is a funny woman

Penny Ashton is a funny woman

Penny sings original songs and she called up a man from the audience to dance in a lovely humorous scene.  I am a Jane Austen fan. I have read most of her books, some more than once, and have watched movie versions of many of her stories. But I think you would enjoy this play even if you don’t know anything about Jane Austen. 

Penny greets her fans after the show

Penny greets her fans after the show

old timesThe actors in renowned playwright  Harold Pinter’s Old Times  are superb!!  The three are all consummate professionals and deliver a script that will leave you engaged but puzzled.  What was REALLY going on?  I did a little research when I got home but to my surprise there is no definitive answer even from literary critics and reviewers who all have their own idea about what exactly is  transpiring in this play. Go and see it for yourself and let me know what you think. 

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  1. i too was fascinated with ‘old times.’ among other observations made in a review of the play by ronald brydon in ‘the observer’ in 1971, this one stood out to me:
    “But much as Pinter enjoys games, they aren’t what he writes about. As in The Homecoming, the final, devastating victory belongs to neither battler, but to the woman battled over. People are not prizes to be won in tournaments. They belong to themselves.”


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