At my writers’ group on Thursday night our topic was beginnings.  Our leader started out the evening by having us each read some AWFUL story beginnings he had found online.  It made me think about how some of the beginnings in my life have been less than stellar too.

When we began our six year work stint in Hong Kong I suffered terribly from the heat and was sick for weeks. I was lonesome and wondered if I’d ever be able to adjust to life so far away from my family and friends. Many of the things about my new job were overwhelming.

When we first got married we were both students with no income, we had loans to pay off, and we had no car. We lived in a tiny apartment with landlords on the main floor who liked to blare Italian opera through the house. I was still a teenager and not very mature at all!  We came from families with quite different ideas about many things. It made for a bit of a rocky beginning. In both cases however things turned out well.

On a hike during our time in Asia

On a hike during our time in Asia

Our time in Hong Kong ended up being such a rewarding and enriching experience and over the last four decades our marriage has added so much adventure and love to our lives. Although it’s nice for new life experiences to have good beginnings it doesn’t always happen that way. That’s why it’s important to remember that stories with difficult beginnings can still turn out really well. 

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