A Unique Discovery Along the Banks of the South Saskatchewan

sculpture 7 university gardenI was riding my daughter-in-law’s bike along the river in Saskatoon when I came upon a field of sculptures on the bank.  sculpture 3 university gardenThey were odd-looking pieces, sculpture 5 university gardensome seemingly works in progresssculpture 2 university garden and others looking old and weather worn.  sculpture 1 university gardenThey had no titles or artist’s names on them sculpture 4 university gardenand the field in which they stood was full of patchy brown weedy grass.    sculpture 12 university gardenI was intrigued enough to get off my bike for a closer look sculpture 13 university gardenand started taking photographs.  gopherThe field in which the sculptures stood was riddled with holes and gophers abounded running to and fro amongst the sculptures and darting down in their holes whenever I got too close. sculpture 9 university gardenI found out later all the works of art were from the University of Saskatchewan art department.sculpture 10 university garden The first were placed in their spots after an art symposium held in 1993. sculpture 8 university gardenThe discovery of these intriguing artworks certainly added an interesting adventure to my bike ride.   sculpture 11 university garden

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