Children are Going to Love Her

The Doll's Room 1980-81 Esther Warkov

The Doll’s Room by Esther Warkov

I’m looking forward to sharing the multi-paneled paintings of artist Esther Warkov with the children I take on tours at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  I think they will love all the details in her work. There will be so many things for kids to see. We will have a good time playing a kind of I Spy with Esther’s paintings.  

Girl with Cabinet of Birds 1977- Esther Warkov

Girl With Cabinet of Birds by Esther Warkov

Esther, who was born in Winnipeg’s North End,  collected the many images in her work from old photographs, textbooks, postcards and catalogues she discovered on treasure hunts in second-hand stores.  That will inspire kids to go on treasure hunts of their own to find images they might want to include in their artwork.

dreams of a distant summer by esther warkov

Dreams of a Distant Summer by Esther Warkov

While many of the things in the Warkov paintings will seem familiar to children they will have lots of questions about why Esther chose to put certain things together.  I know I did when I first looked at her paintings.  

ice dreams by esther warkov

Ice Dreams by Esther Warkov

Another thing I think kids will like is the fact that Esther has not written or shared specific stories for her paintings.  You can make them up yourself as you look at her work.  Kids will love that!

1975-1980 Esther Warkov

Untitled by Esther Warkov

Although Esther has given most of her paintings names sometimes you have to really think about why she chose that name and there are several pieces in the current exhibition that are untitled. Kids will love making up names for them.

Untitled by esther warkov

Untitled by Esther Warkov

I can hardly wait to take my first group of children through the Esther Warkov exhibit.  Children are going to love her!

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