Letting in the Light

galpern candy companyThe former home of the Galpern Candy Company at the corner of Rorie and McDermot, and just across the street from the our condo building is being turned into a rental establishment. It will have 30 suites on the upper floors and the main floor and basement will house four townhouses. 

june 5, 2015The side of the building had only a few windows and its been interesting to watch as they have cut windows to let in the light. This is how the side of the building looked a year ago. 


cutting windows


next onegalpern candy company building 2016This is how the building looks today.

It is being renovated by Alston Properties.    I hope they’ll have an Open House when all the work is done.  I’d sure like to see what the building looks like on the inside after following its exterior progress for almost a year now.  The Exchange District where we live is always changing. The Galpern Candy Company building conversion is just one of many that will happen as 900 new rental spaces are being planned for the downtown. 

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