Old and Young At the West End Cultural Centre

valdyHe’s 70 years old and nothing is stopping him!  We went to the Valdy concert at the West End Cultural Centre on Friday night. Did I ever admire that man’s stamina and dedication!  He stood on the stage for a couple of hours entertaining us with song after song.  Valdy still travels across Canada visiting small communities and large cities alike sharing his music just like he has done for the last forty-five years. Valdy is a performer who obviously loves what he does.

garden city jazz vocal groupOn Monday night I went to hear a vocal jazz concert at the West End Cultural Centre. This time the stage was filled with talented young people. Three schools from the Seven Oaks School Division had brought seven different jazz ensembles together to perform.  They were fantastic! What talented and dedicated young people. They must have spent hours and hours learning all that difficult music and they had the courage and confidence to get up on stage and perform it in front of a crowd. All you had to do was look at the kids’ faces to know they loved what they were doing.

Within a few days I’ve seen both old and young performers share their passion and love for music at the West End Cultural Centre. Lucky me!

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