Grain is King

jordan van sewell grain is kingThere’s a steel sculpture painted in psychedelic colours in Stephen Juba Park on Waterfront Drive. The sculpture is called Grain Is King. It is a very appropriate artwork to have in the Exchange District since this area of the city gets its name from the fact that the Winnipeg Grain Exchange was thriving here at the turn of the century.

detail on grain is king by jordan van sewellSheaves of grain are cut into the art work’s body and apparently if you crouch down and look through them from the back you can see the corner of Portage and Main which is the busy central hub of Winnipeg. The plaque on the sculpture’s base says, “Grain has built this town and has driven the economy of Winnipeg for many years.”

grain is king jordan sewellThe man responsible for the sculpture is Jordan Van Sewell. He’s been working as an artist for thirty years.  This artwork of his was unveiled in 2004. 

graffiti on grain is king sculptureVan Sewell’s multi-coloured exterior provides a splash of colour to the park and is a great conversation piece. 

grandpa in wheat fieldThe sculpture Grain is King always makes me think of this photo my Aunt Mary took of my grandfather, who was a grain farmer in southern Manitoba. The grain he grew no doubt passed through Winnipeg many times on railway cars.

sculpture grain is king steve juba park winnipegGrain is King is a good reminder of the agricultural products that were the foundation of the economy of the city of Winnipeg for so many years.


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