Sleeping in an Art Gallery

breakfast in an art galleryOur bed and breakfast in Toronto was housed in an art gallery.  We had our breakfasts in the downstairs gallery surrounded by the unique art on exhibit. We slept in one of the five clean and minimilastic rooms upstairs each with its own ensuite and decorated with great artwork.

index bed and breakfastThere was even artwork in the stairwells and cat doorway index art galleryaround the front door. 

index art galleryWe discovered to our delight that Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing the art gallery and bed and breakfast owners were from Hong Kong and had moved to Toronto in 1997. We compared notes about Hong Kong where we also lived for six years. morning index art gallery torontoHolly and Lee bought the Index Art Gallery in 2006 when it was a convenience store and turned it into a popular gallery space and bed and breafast.  

mini art at the index art galleryThere were all kinds of interesting art pieces on display but the gallery specializes in these tiny minature canvases. 

reason to talkAt breakfast we chatted with the set designer of a play orginally produced in Belgium which was just about to open at a Toronto theatre.  The play was the autobiography of a young Iranian woman and we met her one morning too.  Unfortunately their play Reason to Talk was opening after we left Toronto. 

forty poems by lee kasingI found a book called Forty Poems in our room.  It was created by our host Lee and had many photo poems about China and Hong Kong that were fascinating. 

the hero playing with a rubber bandThis one was titled The Hero Playing With a Red Rubber Band

genki room indexOur room was named The Genki which is a Japanese word for friendly and lively.  dave makes toast in art galleryThe Index Art Gallery was in a lively neighbourhood and both our hosts and fellow guests were very friendly. 

We will definitely stay at the Index again on future trips to Toronto. 

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