Watching the Jays Hit One Out of the Park

Yesterday the Toronto Blue Jays scored twelve runs in their game against the Texas Rangers and designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion had six RBIs, a home run and two doubles. Encarnacion has been struggling at the plate. What made the difference last night? Could it have been the Driedger contingent in the crowd cheering on the Jays?dave and samWe watched the game with our nephew Sam, our niece Grace, and Grace’s boyfriend Steve. The Jays gave us lots to cheer about especially in their two big innings when they scored 11 of their 12 runs.

grace steve and marylouIn all honesty after the game I had to look up a few facts up about last night’s action at the Rogers Centre because I was so busy visiting with my niece Grace and catching up on what is going in her life that my eyes and mind weren’t always on the game.

rogers centreThere was a good feeling in the building as the crowd cheered their home team on to victory and a good feeling in our section of the stands as we got to spend time with a niece and nephew we don’t get to see very often. 

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