Images from Ru

yoked merchant in vietnam

“The merchants stepped into the modern era still carrying the weight of the yoke on their shoulders.”

That’s a line from the book Ru by Kim Thuy.  I just finished reading her poetic and haunting novel about life in Vietnam and a family much like her own that immigrates to Canada.   The book was a beautiful reminder of my own visit to Vietnam. Kim Thuy’s non-sequential narrative moves from one scene to another each describing a different time or event in her protagonist An Tinh’s  life.  Certain sentences in Ru seemed almost to have been written as captions for some of the photos I took in Vietnam.  

Photo I took of a Vietnamese mother sending her son off to war in the Vietnam Military History Museum in Hanoi.

“The women let the sadness grow in the chamber of their hearts. They were so weighed down by all their grief they couldn’t pull themselves up……bowed under the weight of their sorrow.”   

children on a boat in hailong bay vietnam “the little girl who was swallowed up by the sea after she lost her footing” 

artillery vietnam“I was born in the shadow of skies ………….. shot through with rockets and missles.”

man in garden saigon“I was lucky enough to have parents who were able to hold their gaze steady”

irrigation vietnam“people are too preoccupied by their day-to-day survival to take the time to write their collective history”

woman's face vietnam“Aside from his mother’s teeth laquered black he had forgotten the faces of his parents.”

cu chi“He had slept in underground tunnels.”

family eating supper“She mixed the pork with steaming rice in a blue and white bowl”

woman in saigon hat

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