Brenda and Annie

photo of annie moose and brenda longclawsMeet Annie Moose and Brenda Longclaws.  Their portrait is currently featured in the exhibit We Are On Treaty Land at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  Annie was 113 when she died in 2007.  She was an educator and the mother of 15 children, grandmother of 63, great grandmother of 214 and great, great grandmother of 80.  

In this photo taken in 1996 by First Nations photographer Murray McKenzie, Annie poses with Brenda Longclaws, an assistant principal at Gordon Bell Collegiate.   

 Annie’s obituary in the Montreal Gazette quoted her as saying that she believed her longevity might have had something to do with her love for her family and her ability to take hardship in stride.  Brenda Longclaws says, ” I like to get people smiling and see them in a good light.” 

Annie and Brenda represent two very different generations of aboriginal women.

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