snot public domain“Booger up your paper with SNOTS.” I learned about SNOTS in a grade six classroom I visited last week.   SNOTS stands for Small Notes on the Side. It is a handy acronym a teacher uses to remind the kids they should jot things down while they read an article or the chapter of a book.  There are lots of different ways to make SNOTS (small notes on the side.) The teacher I observed had given the kids a handy system.  As they read an article they made notes along the side of the page with these symbols. 

                                ? -something you question

                                ! – something surprising

                             LOL  –  something funny

                             Happy face    -something sad

                                * -something important

I may not use these symbols but I’m a big SNOTS taker myself.  If I’m at a concert I often scribble small notes on the side of my program about lyrics I want to remember or how a piece of music made me feel.   On Sunday morning after the worship service my church bulletin’s sides are usually decorated with SNOTS about the sermon and if I’m touring an art gallery or museum the brochure you get at the front desk has SNOTS scribbled into every available space.  When I’m visiting one of my student teachers, the printed lesson plan they give me is jam packed with SNOTS that I’ve jotted down about what I’ve observed.

When a teacher using SNOTS reminds kids to “Booger Up Their Paper” they love it.  I love SNOTS too.  I refer to them often for ideas when I’m writing my newspaper column, stories or speeches, and especially when I’m writing this blog.  I got the idea for this blog post from a SNOTS about SNOTS.  Where do you write SNOTS and how do you use them? 

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