It Made Me Stop

winnipeg brushes old company Last week I walked by this cool old building at 422 Notre Dame Avenue here in Winnipeg.  I stopped and took some photos and was intrigued enough to do a little searching. I found out Frank Peters, the same architect who built the Ashdown Warehouse where I live, designed this structure in 1899 to house the Manitoba School of Pharmacy.  In 1934 the Royal Canadian Legion bought the building and did renovations to turn it into a members’ club. winnipeg landmark on notre dame brush companyThen in 1945  it was purchased by Nicholas and Mary Syzek who owned a brush company.  They lived in a suite at the rear of the building with their two sons Andrew and Nicholas Jr.  and manufactured and sold brushes and brooms in the rest of the building.  Nicholas Sr. died in 1957 but Mary kept on running the business till around 1970 producing everything from stucco brushes and flour mill brushes to curling brooms and grain brushes.  

Photo of Andrew by Lee Prouten from Creative Commons

Photo of Alexander Syzek by Lee Prouten from Creative Commons

Newspaper articles report that during the 1990s and early 2000s the Syzek’s son Alexander was still selling brooms on the front yard of his family property.  The building was sold early in 2016.  
trees 422 notre damePerhaps it is the new owner who had just had all the trees in the front yard cut down. I wonder what the plans are for the building. I hope it won’t be demolished. I’m glad I discovered it. door of brush company winnipeg

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4 responses to “It Made Me Stop

  1. That is very cool. Love that photo with the brooms.

  2. R. McKay

    I’ve seen this building through out my childhood and into my adulthood. Each time I’ve always looked it in passing and imagined grander days. with each passing a new question and imagination of the people and world that has changed around it. I hoped time continues to hid it from development or destruction.

    Thursday, July 21st 2016; I had just left work and was about to pass the building a thought “WTF”, I nearly cringed to see that the rot iron fence had been up rooted and saw that some rough yard work had been done. Though I have no ownership to the building I felt the same disappointment when I saw the window had been smashed months ago. I hope that it gets the same attention as the “Kelly House” did.

    R. McKay

  3. Nicholas Syzek

    The 2 son’s names are Alexander and Nicholas Syzek . Not Andrew as indicated


    Nicholas Syzek 2958107

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