Too Young to Die- Lyle Thomas

lyle memorial park winnipegThis pocket park is located at the south end of the Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg.

lyle thomas memorial gardenA plaque at the park explains it was built to honour the memory of Lyle Thomas. Lyle was just sixteen years old when he was killed on July 26, 2001, during the construction of the Provencher Bridge. Lyle was working with his Dad when a tripod fell on him, killing him almost instantly.lyle thomas Lyle’s family has written a tribute to him. “With love, hope, and joy, we remember Lyle, who at the young age of sixteen, tragically lost his life at the construction site of the Provencher Bridge in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Lyle will always be loved, missed, remembered, and treasured.”

His obituary in the Winnipeg Free Press says that Lyle attended West Kildonan Collegiate and loved skateboarding. His passion was basketball and he played on the varsity team at West Kildonan Collegiate.  Lyle touched the heart of everybody that had the pleasure of meeting him. The obituary goes on to say that Lyle will be missed by his parents Yolande and Dean and his younger brother Cody.
lyle thomas memorial park

The Lyle Thomas Memorial Park is beside the Human Rights Museum, just before you cross the Provencher Bridge.  I have walked by the park countless times but had never stopped to find out why it was there. I’m glad I finally did. I will think of Lyle every time I walk by the park now.

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