Through the Eyes of A Child

child's version stone hengeEvery spring the Winnipeg Art Gallery celebrates the talents of the young students in its studio programs by displaying their work in an exhibit called Through the Eyes of A Child.  time line throught the eyes of the childThis year marks the 30th anniversary of Through the Eyes of A Child and the exhibit includes a timeline of art instruction history at the Winnipeg Art Gallery as well as video footage of some of the studio’s former students talking about their experiences in art classes. Wanda_Koop public domainThe most famous of these is Wanda Koop a Canadian artist of international renown.  helicopter wanda koopHer work Helicopter is included in this year’s display.  cat lady children's artMy favorite piece in the Through the Eyes of the Child exhibit was this one about cats.  Check out the cat shaped back drop, the cat lady in her chair surrounded by cats, all the framed portraits of cats on the wall, cats on the curtains, the cat headboard on the bed and the little litter box down in front. Delightful.  child's version taj mahalAnother display that caught my eye was one of famous structures around the world as envisioned by kids.

elvira finnegan wedgewood teacup

Elvira Finnegan’s Wedgwood Teacup

This year’s exhibit also features work by some of the talented instructors who have been part of the studio program.  jordan sewell ashleyI was drawn to Jordan Sewell’s piece Ashley because it reminded of the buildings in the Exchange District where I live. 

child's version leaning tower of pisaThrough the Eyes of A Child runs till May 8.  

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