My Photo in a St.Louis Photo Essay

A communications professor in St. Louis contacted me recently about a photograph of stumbling stones included in one of my blog posts. stumbling stones in frankfurt

On a walk in Frankfurt Germany I photographed these stumbling stones in the sidewalk. They have been placed outside the homes of Holocaust victims. You are meant to ‘stumble’ over them as you walk and then stop and read the names of some of the 11 million people who died in the Holocaust between 1941 and 1945.

The St. Louis professor who contacted me is working on a visual presentation that focuses on the ways in which walking in a city can become a personal or public history project. She was struck by the way the stumbling stones in Germany are literally ‘inscribed into the city scape.’  She is putting together a presentation that includes photographs and film of sidewalks in cities around the world and wanted to include my photo of the stumbling stones. 

The professor will keep me informed on the progress of her project.  It sounds exciting! One of the pleasures of writing this blog has been the way it links me to interesting things happening all over the world and the way my photos or ideas can be connected with those of other people who are also on a learning journey. 

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