A Different View of the World

jackson beardyEverything is connected! During the treaty training session I attended at the Manitoba Museum last week, along with the rest of the education staff from the Winnipeg Art Gallery, we spent some time studying a painting by Jackson Beardy that offers a unique First Nations perspective on the interconnectedness of living things.

Version 3The bear represents the animal world.Version 4The flowers represent the plant world. Version 2The thunderbird symbolizes the rain, thunder and lightning. Version 5Here is Mother Earth’s heart beating. 
Version 6The grandmother and father moon represent birth, nourishment and protection.Version 8

The human being is the smallest element and is using the pipe to give thanks to all the other beings that give the human life.jackson beardy

In Beardy’s painting all the facets of the world are joined together -plants, animals, heavenly bodies, natural elements, the earth and human beings.  Beardy illustrates how we are all interdependent. 

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