The Dawn Chorus

loft-bedroom-flutterbyThe dawn chorus is quite remarkable here in Uvita Costa Rica.  Our last days at the Flutterby House we were switched to a room with a loft bedroom that had us sleeping way up high in the trees. shower-flutterbyOur shower was open to the jungle.  There were no windows along the front wall of our room so in the morning when the sun came up at 5:45 we woke to its natural light and the loud dawn chorus of the birds. The dawn chorus is an extra loud and long crescendo of noise issued by birds just as the day dawns. There are lots of ideas about why this happens but no one really understands it. 

sunset-at-uvitaI learned about the dawn chorus while reading the book For the End of Time by Rebecca Rischin. She wrote about two concentration camp survivors who decribed the dawn chorus of the birds this way…… “We’d hear a ‘peep’, the small cry of a song bird, like a conductor giving the pitch, and then all the birds, the whole orchestra of them would be singing. It was deafening.”

uvita-skylineThe dawn chorus of the birds in Uvita is accompanied by the sound of the ocean surf in the background, which we hear all night long and the occasional loud thump of a coconut falling from a tree onto our roof.  To hear a recording of the dawn chorus I tried to make one morning just click on the photo above. 

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