Terrified Times Three

marylou ziplining in costa ricaI still can’t believe I did this, but at age 62 I tried zip lining for the first time. Terrified but sailing high over the Costa Rican forest on my first zip line run I let out a whoop and a holler. After my tenth zip line was complete I could truly say I was glad I’d conquered my fears and tried zip lining. dave-shirley-marylou-paulThis week we took the Wild Wednesday tour to a Guanacaste forest preserve for some pretty wild adventures with Dave’s brother Paul and our sister-in-law Shirley. We had a ninety minute bus ride from our casa to the park. dave-horses-costa-ricaWe did not walk or take a bus up to where the zip lines started criss- crossing the deep valleys. paul-and-shirley-horse-back-ridingNo. We rode up a very, very steep, treed and rocky trail on horses. marylou on horseDave was the camera man for this part of our adventure and took this shot of me ready to head up into the hills on my white horse. I was sure at times the trail was way too steep and treacherous for us to make it. But I stayed on my horse and she was steady and determined and we reached the top in about thirty minutes. dave selfie on horseAs I said Dave was the cameraman and took this selfie on his horse. Doesn’t he look happy about the wild ride ahead?

getting hooked up for ziplineOnce we reached the top of the ridge with our horses we dismounted and got hooked up and given instructions for ziplining. ziplining marylouAnd then we were off zig zagging our way down the ten line course across the forests, valleys and ravines. 

Part three of our journey we all four agreed was the most terrifying. It was a 450 meter water slide that wound its way through the forest and dropped you down about 150 meters into a pool below. A professional photographer took pictures and we all looked pretty much terrified in them as we were swooshed up and down and almost flipped over. We even went through a tree! But at $25 USD each we decided we didn’t need to buy our photos and would just have our own memories with what we all agreed the water slide was a terrifying experience we wouldn’t be repeating. 

dinner-wild-wednesdayNext up was an absolutely wonderful lunch with spicy squash soup, plantain chips with a basil cheese dip, a lovely salad and a main course of either fish, chicken or pork on a beautifully presented plate with all kinds of bite size vegetables and cheeses around your piece of meat. There was lemonade squeezed from lemons from trees on the property and a passion fruit ice for dessert. dave covered in mudThen we were off to the mud baths where warm mud from a nearby volcano was provided in wooden vats. It was supposed to be great for your skin.mud-bath-2-1We slathered ourselves and each other with mud before jumping into a cold natural pool to rinse it off. in-the-hot-springsAnd then a lovely end to the day with a soak in a pool fed by hot springs. hot-springsWe shared our tour bus and day with a couple from Boston, three young women from New York City, a family who runs a resort on the north shore of Lake Superior and a couple from Toronto.  It is always interesting to meet new people and hear their stories. We certainly had an adventure on Wednesday we won’t soon forget.

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