House Work in Costa Rica

Half way through our stay at our picturesque apartment at Casa Chameleon in Playa Grande. Time for a clean up day. 

bedroom-casa-chameleonI made the bed.laundry-tub-casa-chameleonDid laundry using our state of the art washing machineclothes-line-casa-chameleon and clothes dryerkitchen-casa-chameleonTook out the garbage and recyling from our tiny kitchendining-room-casa-chameleonRearranged the dining room/porch furniture so we could all fit around the table more comfortably but making sure to leave room for a dog my brother has named Hobolito who seems to have taken a shine to us and loves to nap outside our door and follow us on walksbathroom-casa-chameleonCleaned all the sand out of the shower stallliving-room-casa-chameleon swept the living room floor

porch-casa-chameleonand shook out the hammock on the porch.  

I felt entitled to stretch out in the hammock with a glass of Sangria and my book after all that housework was done!  We love our little casa here in Playa Grande and will miss it when we move to Tamarindo. 

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  1. Your place in Costa Rica looks very similar to what we’ve rented in Panama. Our dining room is also on the back patio. But we have no adopted dog and no hammock. We however do have a modern washer and dryer, outside in an alcove on the back patio. The dryer hasn’t worked for the first two weeks, but is working now. It runs on a gas tank like the propane tanks we use on barbecues back home. The owner of the house couldn’t get one when we arrived because every store in town was sold out. A week later he installed it, but something wasn’t quite right. It works now, but we’ll only use it for towels or sheets. Everything dries pretty fast here if you hang it up.


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