Biking the Beach in Costa Rica

bikes on the beach

Friday we decided to rent bikes for the day and explore some of the beaches in the area where we are staying. biking maps costa ricaMy brother was tracking our route on the mapping program on his phone or we would have gotten lost. He navigated us down local roads to the Playa Grande beach nearest us. marylou biking on the beachI had never gone bike riding on a beach before and it was great. We had to stay on the wet, firm sand but the beach was much easier to ride along than the dirt roads which were peppered with potholes and rocks. 

driftwood on playa grandeThe Playa Grande Beach has no buildings along it because at night it is home to nesting turtles whose habitat needs to remain undisturbed. The hotels and houses further inland must shield their lighting and no one is allowed on the beach after sundown in order to protect the turtles. 

ken and dave playa grande beachAfter cycling the length of Playa Grande or The Big Beach we were off to Playa Ventanas or The Window Beach. dave crab on his headThere were many crabs skittering across the sand here and Dave put a crab shell on his Winnipeg Jets hat. 

playa ventas beach costa ricaThen we headed around the corner and through a channel that would have been underwater at high tide to Playa Carbon or the Carbon Beach. black-sand-beachPlaya Carbon is a black sand beach. Black sand is composed of volcanic minerals and lava fragments.  Costa Rica has many active volcanoes. dave at playa carbonDave walked far out onto the lava-like rocks. Playa Carbon reminded me of the black sand beach we had visited in Hawaii. 

dead end bridge costa ricaOnce we found our way back onto the road we drove a little way only to hit a dead-end where a bridge had washed out.  So we decided to head home. house for sale costa ricaUsing my brother’s maps on his phone again we were able to take a different route past many beautiful homes most of them for sale.  

lunch playa grande bike hikeWe stopped for burritos and beer at a little cafe along the way. white-throated-magpie-jay-costa-ricaA trio of White Throated Magpie Jays provided rather raucous background music for our meal. dave on bike costa ricaIt had been a great ride but we were hot and tired and ready for naps when we got home before heading down to the beach for a sunset swim. sunset-costa-rica


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