Costa Rica Firsts

under-a-banyan-treeFirst breakfast at a loft restaurant  up in the trees. water-taxi

First water taxi ride with Jose’ to Tamarindo. looking-for-the-grocery-store

First trip to find a grocery store to stock up our fridge and cupboards. smoothies

First mango smoothies- thick with fruit, frosty and delicious!beach-walk-costa-rica

First walk along the beach. Quite a workout through wet sand, a robust wind and carrying heavy pack backs stuffed with cans of soup, beans and tuna, fruit, meat, vegetables, cheese, bread, bottles of wine and other good things. in-the-hammock

First gin and tonic in the hammock. 


swimminginthe-oceanFirst swim in the ocean

Since it was our first dinner in Costa Rica we decided to splurge and went to the lovely Bula Bula resort for a great dinner in a gorgeous tropical setting. 

casa-chamelonFirst day at Casa Chamaleon is over. 
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