A Detour to Costa Rica

On Monday night we were to board a plane in Winnipeg at 8:50 in the evening, arrive in Calgary near midnight and then get on a flight to Liberia, Costa Rica arriving early Tuesday morning.  airplane-ready Guess what?  The plane never left Winnipeg.  A problem with hydraulics.  Although disappointed, my husband Dave always the pragmatist, said he was glad they had discovered the problem on the ground rather than in the air.

waiting-for-the-planeBy the time another plane had been found and the rescheduled flight finally left for Calgary we weren’t on it.  The cheery and efficient West Jet staff had found out the only way to get us to Costa Rica on Tuesday was to fly us to Toronto, then Atlanta and finally to Liberia.  They paid for a lovely suite at the Sandman Hotel near the Winnipeg airport where we could enjoy a snack and a glass of wine in the restaurant before retiring.


Jazz pianist in the Atlanta airport

We had breakfast in the Toronto airport, supper in the Atlanta airport and landed in Costa Rica some fourteen hours later than we’d planned but it was still before midnight, when after a 90 minute van ride we arrived tired but ‘happy to have made it’ to the lovely little casa in Playa Grande that will be our home for the next week.dave-hammock-costa-rica

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