Sun Dogs and Steam


sun-dogs-human-rights-museumDave and I walked to the Forks Saturday morning for breakfast. With wind chill in the minus 40 range it was a bit of a biting experience.  As we crossed the foot bridge in Steve Juba Park I noticed a sun dog beside the Human Rights Museum. Even though I nearly froze my fingers  I stopped and took off my gloves to capture the scene with my camera. sun-dog-beautySun dogs are created by light interacting with ice crystals in the air. Sun dogs appear as subtly colored patches in the sky. The ice crystals act like a prism bending and refracting the light. steam-on-the-riverI turned around after photographing the sun dog to see another lovely sight.  Steam was rising up out of the Red River making it look all other-worldly and fairy tale like.  steam-rising-on-the-redSince parts of the flowing river haven’t frozen yet the running water was emitting streams of steam into the icy air. 

Our walk Saturday morning chilled us to the bone but it was a thing of beauty. 

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