The Horizon Line

My favorite room right now at the Winnipeg Art Gallery features work by members of Canada’s famous Group of Seven.  Finding the horizon line is one of the activities we do with the children on our tours at the gallery.  Where is the horizon line in each painting?  Where does the earth meet the sky?  

serenity-lake-of-the-woods-1922-frank-johnstonThis painting is mostly sky.  The horizon line is quite low on the canvas.

clouds-lake-superior-by-lawren-harrisHere the horizon line is almost exactly in the middle of the canvas. 

early-snow-tom-thompson-1916And here the horizon line peeks out at the very top near the frame. 

I’ve been thinking that our lives have horizon lines too. We all require a certain amount of  ‘feet on the ground’ practicality about what we need to do to survive and what we can afford to do realistically with the time and money at our disposal. But how does that meet  with our ‘eyes on the sky’ dreams for what we’d really like to do and our visions for creative exploration and success?   It can take some juggling to find the right horizon line for our lives. 

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