David Bowie in My Neighbourhood

Yesterday the media was filled with stories about singer David Bowie’s death. Bowie made multiple visits to Winnipeg during his career.  The legend of Bowie lives on in a Winnipeg restaurant just one block over from our condo building.  Johnny G’s is a popular local eating spot on McDermot Street. It has a large indoor mural featuring six music legends.Johnny G's music legends mural

It shows John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Neal Young having coffee at the counter of a diner. The prices on the wall indicate the diner is from a bye gone era.

elvis presley johnny g'sElvis Presley is also in the mural just to the left of John Lennon but I couldn’t fit him into the shot with my husband Dave. When answering the famous Proust Questionnaire  for Vanity Fair magazine in 1998 David Bowie said the living person he most admired was “Elvis.” Presley died in 1977.

So if you are missing David Bowie you might drop into Johnny G’s and have a burger and a beer in a booth beneath his likeness in the mural. 

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