What Are People Saying?

Here’s what some of my blog readers have been saying about recent posts.

opa driedger white armyBrad thanked me for my post about my ancestors’ participation in World War I. He was in the middle of teaching a unit on WWI to his high school students in Estonia and my post was a perfect resource. He said the kids loved the photos of the old uniforms.

dave at winkler monumentJohn said my husband Dave Driedger’s name may be popular, but no more popular than my husband is himself. John had just read my post about finding my husband’s name on a memorial stone in Winkler.

ryokanAfter reading my post about sleeping in a Japanese ryokan Bill who lived in Japan for many years said, “Nothing quite like sleeping on a freshly aired futon with the sweet fragrance of tatami all around. Even the hi-tech expensive Western style mattresses don’t come close in comfort to the simple, humble futon!”

volcanoes national park- big island hawaiiMarie said as a grandmother she shared the same fears I referred to in my post Must We Live in Fear?

sitting-in-the-speakers-chairPat said I looked very regal in the Speakers Chair in the House of Commons after reading about my visit to Canada’s Parliament buildings.

SpotlightCharles suggested that “working to live” or “living to work” was a false dichotomy when he read my post about the movie Spotlight.

dave-guitarVal is very observant and in the background of a photo in my post about artistic golfers she spotted a painting by an artist Linda Nikkel Klippenstein whose work she knows and loves.

basket of children's christmas booksMargaret who is about to become a grandmother thanked me for my post about children’s Christmas books. She says she needs to start building a basket of books herself.

oma and opa's exit papers (1)Jodi , Joel and the Canadian Mennonite University Alumni Association said they appreciated my post Thoughts on Refugees and so they shared it on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

driedgers acting out shakespeares sonnet 138Brenda commented “what charisma” when she watched the video of my husband Dave performing a Shakespeare sonnet drama with me.  Ruth said we were very talented. 

being mortalJanet liked my post about the book Being Mortal. She said she had recommended it to many friends.

white wine toast quebec cityAfter reading my post about eating our way through Quebec City Diane said she had done exactly the same thing when she was in Quebec City and had been forced to go on a diet to deal with the consequences. 

they left us everythingAfter reading yesterday’s post about They Left Us Everything Dora said she agreed with me and thinks “it wiser to do the work of sorting, review, looking back oneself, if possible –not only to make things easier for the children but also to live well one’s own last years, perhaps doubling down on gratitude, perhaps working through unresolved matters, etc. Not leaving a mess!”

dream-of-plenty-luke-airutThanks to the Winnipeg Art Gallery and Director Stephen Borys who pass on tweets about almost all my posts about art. 

And thanks to all of you for reading my blog and commenting on it. 

What Are People Saying?- January 2015 

What Are People Saying?- September 2014

What Are People Saying- September 2013

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