Puzzling- A Family Christmas Tradition

puzzling-with-cousinsPuzzling is a Christmas tradition in our family. Children are inducted early into the activity and many hours are spent around the table trying to finish one special large holiday puzzle or a group of smaller ones.family-puzzlesPuzzling is intergenerational and consumes many hours of the holiday. family-puzzlingMy husband Dave doesn’t really share the family passion. You can see him reading while my parents and son and daughter-in-law puzzle. christmas puzzleFour years ago I was feeling nostalgic for our former home in Hong Kong so I bought a puzzle featuring the Hong Kong harbor.  kids-puzzlePuzzling can keep people up late, become competitive and many hands can make things easier. I’ve got this year’s puzzles ready.  There are several options. globe-trotter-puzzleThis Globetrotter puzzle was a gift from my good friend Debbie. I am excited about it because it includes pictures of many of the places we have visited.
I bought this family puzzle at Toad Hall Toys. My grandson is a pretty good puzzler already and this puzzle has different size pieces of different difficulty so that all ages in the family can participate in putting it together.baseball-puzzle

And finally there is this one of a baseball player because baseball is a family passion and this past summer our grandson attended his first professional baseball game.

We may do only one puzzle or we may do them all.  Our family arrives today for the holidays.  I have a feeling the puzzling might begin tonight. 

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