So Many David Driedgers

dave at winkler monumentOn a recent visit to Winkler’s Heritage Park my husband Dave found the name David Driedger on a monument erected in memory of the Mennonite settlers who came to the Winkler area in 1876 from Russia. The David Driedger on the monument is probably not a relation since Dave’s family only immigrated to Canada in 1924 and settled in southern Ontario.

This is not the first time however that Dave has found someone who shares his name.  Once he got a phone call in the middle of the night from a nurse with a crisis on her hands.  Turns out David Driedger was the name of the administrator at the hospital where she was on duty, and she needed his help. “You’ve got the wrong David Driedger” my husband said.

At his mother’s funeral many people complimented Dave on an article of his that had just been published in a Mennonite magazine. “It wasn’t me,” said Dave who found out later there was a Winnipeg pastor who shared his name and had written the article.

A quick search for David Driedgers on my Linked In account revealed another 17 here in Canada. One works for the Winnipeg Airport and another for a Saskatchewan pharmaceutical company. One is an engineer in Alberta, another an urban planner in Toronto. One is a Canadian postal worker and still another works at the University of British Columbia.  David Driedger sure is a popular name!

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