Another Last Supper

 I’ve collected quite a few photographs of artistic renditions of The Last Supper. On our recent trip to Quebec City I found two more at the Albert Gilles Copper Art Museum.




last-supper-queb-ec-cityOther pieces in my collection include….

steffi's last supperA paper cut out done by Steffi Lee one of my Hong Kong grade five students.
last supper raman noodle shop kyotoThis wall etching found in a noodle shop in Kyoto Japan.
australian last supperA tapestry hanging in the city museum in Sydney Australia.
the last supper all saints anglican winnipegA stained glass window in All Saints Anglican Church in Winnipeg.
last-supper-sedonaThis version made out of sand discovered on a family trip to Sedona, Arizona in 1990.

I’m going to be on the lookout for more versions to add to my collection. 

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