readers-winkler-public-libraryI photographed these two delightful readers outside the Winkler Public Library last weekend.  Someone had decked them out in scarves.  It was a beautiful fall day and I felt like sliding in beside them on the bench to enjoy the book I had brought along.  winkler-public-libraryInstead I went into the spacious and welcoming library to work on a writing project while I waited for my husband Dave who was in Winkler for a choir rehearsal.

My Nose in a Book statue purchased at Evelyn Richter's studio
The statue in Winkler reminded me of a little art piece I have sitting on my book shelf. I bought it from Evelin Richter when I was on an art tour in the interlake a few years ago. It is called Nose in a Book. 

ten year old reading 1963

In 1963 enjoying a good book in on the couch

It also reminded me of this photo of me at age ten enjoying a book on the couch in our family livingroom

dave in hammock fiji

Dave reading in a hammock in Fiji

and this one of my husband Dave reading in a hammock in Fiji. 

boy-reading-shel-silversteinand another of my son engrossed in a book at our family’s Moose Lake cottage. 

Ah the pleasures of a good book, so good it can be enjoyed anywhere!

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