In A Cinematography Textbook

A photo of mine is going to be in a cinematography textbook !  One of the things I love about writing this blog is the connections I make with people all over the world and the way my work can be shared with others.  A couple days ago Blain Brown from Los Angeles contacted me.  He wants to use a photo he saw on my blog for the third edition of his cinematography textbook, a text that is to be published in 12 languages and used in major film schools around the world. His book is called Cinematography: Theory and Practice.

set for jack layton filmThe photo of mine he wants to use is this one I took outside my condo building when the CBC was filming a movie called Jack about Canadian political leader Jack Layton. They were using the exterior of our building and some of the suites on our floor as settings for the movie. I called my post about the experience In the Middle of a Movie Set. 

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